Tobias Beck is completely enthusiastic in thinking creatively, differently and future-orientated. He is full of positive energy and loves to explain this attitude to his participants and his audience. In a humorous, provocative and easy way, he shows how you can live your life without energy vampires, with more love of live and success. He explains why this is only possible without "Bewohner", why you should never bring flowers for sharks and what that has to do with your person. Let’s check it out!


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"Life can be great, but it doesn’t have to be" - this is one of the thoughts of the five-year-old boy Tobias who sits on a sledge and is pulled by some girls. For children it is easy to focus on strengths and not on weaknesses. This is one reason why Tobias found himself in a duck costume at World Disney when he was 20 years old. World Disney is the epitome for seeing the world with children’s eyes. When he lived at a problematic district in Florida, he learnt a lot about something very important: Life. A reminder: Life can be great, but it doesn’t have to be. For Tobias, traveling is the best university in the world. That is why he decided to never stop doing that. He works as a Purser at big german airline and cultures and people all around the world inspire him. Moreover he studied psychology at the University of Duisburg-Essen and Frankfurt and built a direct selling with more than 1900 partners in eight different countries. This was the point in his life when he had a special feeling for the first time: He has to work never again in his life. Because his passion is to inspire people and help them to realize their dreams. For giving his own seminars, he was coached by the best trainers in the world: Anthony Robbins, Blair Singer, George Zalucki and T. Harv Eker. Until today, he unleashes the power of more than 200.000 people at more than 2000 seminar days. Tobias understands: Life is beautiful when you learn to focus on the right things.


Tobias Beck was trained and coached by the best coaches in the world. Right now, he is teaching all this knowledge in a compressed form. These trainers are: Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, George Zalucki and many more:

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